Lacto-Fermented Piccalilli or 'Indian Pickle'

This recipe is a family favourite and every time I bring out a jar of Piccalilli I’m taken straight back to the 1970’s and going to tea with my school friend; Picalilli's electrifying colour and tangy, crunchy veg transformed a cheese sandwich into something far more exotic.

Katie Venner
Spritely Ginger Carrots

The seasonal feasting is over and as we slip into January I'm craving simple nourishing food. Ginger carrots are almost effortless to make, quick to ferment and easy on the palette. 

Joanie Gorman
Start With a Cabbage

Starting to make healthy fermented vegetables and drinks isn’t difficult, although my first attempt was a disaster.

To help you avoid my mistakes and make your first batch, follow these simple steps to make delicious sauerkraut.

Katie Venner