Katie setting up at Frome Market

Katie setting up at Frome Market


You have to taste a punchy Kimchi or mellow sauerkraut to understand what the fuss is about. It’s more than a combination of texture, flavour and look – people trying our fermented vegetables say, “Wow, I can feel this waking my whole body up!”

The sour taste is an acquired one; in South Korea, home of Kimchi, they don’t expect children to develop a taste for it without ‘schooling’. We have found the more you eat, the more your body wants, and given what we’re learning about the gut, its not surprising.

Our tangy fermented vegetables, Krauts and Kimchis are mixes of locally sourced and wild vegetables, herbs and spices that sing to your body of the flavours of the seasons. Lacto-fermenting vegetables using salt (no vinegar and sugar like our pickles and chutneys) enhances the nutrients, making them more digestible than in the raw state.

Please come and taste our ferments. Here’s where we’ll be:

  • The Frome Independent, First Sunday of the month, March - December, under the banner of Wild and Fermented. (Not Dec 18 or Mar 19)

  • RIver Cottage Food Fair - 25/26 May 2019

  • At our own Tracebridge Sourdough & Fermenteria Pizza Nights, Friday evenings, Easter to Guy Fawkes (booking recommended)