The Sauerkrautathon, Gathering Momentum!


Last October I gave a sauerkraut demo at Wells Food Festival and met Jo Webster. Jo is a local resident and a keen fermenter. She researches and re-presents the science on fermentation and gut health to the public through her blog Wondergut. Jo and I got talking about the slow take-up of fermented foods in the UK and how people really need to taste home made sauerkraut to realise how delicious it could be.

We lamented the state of the nation’s health and I mentioned a crazy idea I had to make a really huge amount of sauerkraut – a Guinness World Record amount – that would draw attention to fermented foods and how good they are for us. It was like lighting a touch paper and standing back – Jo applied to Guinness – and after a few set backs that required a legal minded persistence that Jo has in spades, and with ready and generous support from Riverford – the organic veg folk, and the encouragement of Wells Food Festival, we were off on our mission to make at least 200kgs of Sauerkraut – this October 14th.

You can join me, Jo and a host of amazing guest speakers including Prof Tim Spector, author of The Diet Myth and Guy Watson, founder of Riverford, and help us chop our way into the record books. Have a look at and sign up to take part. Jo and I will be updating the News section of the website over the coming weeks.  So follow us as we gather momentum, friends, sponsors and ever more bacteria on the run up to Sauerkrautathon 2018.

Joanie Gorman