Sauerkrautahon 2018


Record-breaking ‘kraut making - join in setting a Guinness World Record at Wells Food Festival on Sunday 14th October

It’s a coincidence, but last night’s airing of Jamie Oliver’s Britain’s Fat Fight on BBC1 (a brilliant challenge to our ‘worst diet in Europe’) chimes perfectly with an initiative that I’ve been working on for some months, which also launched last night. We couldn’t have planned it better!

Last October I met Jo Webster of Jo blogs about the science around gut health – and like me she’s amazed and fascinated by the microbes that make fermented foods so tangily delicious and so good for us. Within a few minutes of meeting, Jo had agreed to join me in a Sauerkraut making demo that afternoon at Wells Food Festival and we joked our way through 30 minutes of chopping and salting veg, Jo chipping in words of wisdom about bacteria and the gut microbiome. The conversation continued and I found in Jo someone who, like me, cared about the state of our national diet, the poor food choices people make and the ignorance there is about the difference we can all make to our health when we eat less processed food and more veg – especially some that’s fermented. Jo didn’t blanche when I suggested that what we needed in order to draw attention to the wonders of sauerkraut was a Guinness World Record attempt at the largest amount of sauerkraut made. Being an ex-lawyer she went to, and undeterred by an initial lack of understanding of fermentation from GWR, registered our intention to establish, in October at Wells Food Festival, the first Guinness World Record for the largest dish of bacterially fermented cabbage!

So it’s with huge delight that we launch Sauerkrautathon 2018! You can check out all the details on the website On Sunday 14th October at Wells Food Festival we are going to make as much Sauerkraut as we can and while we chop and salt we’ll listen to fermenters and health professionals talking about the latest science about why fermented foods are good for us and how the bacteria that inhabit our gut microbiome are one of the most exciting areas of research for human health. There will also be lots of fermented veg to taste!

And we need you! At least 30 helpers are needed on the day, Sunday 14th October, to supervise the public in making the sauerkraut. You can click straight from the Sauerkrautathon website to say you’ll help for a few hours or email me through this website. We’ll give you a Sauerkrautathon apron as a thank-you.

The amazing people at Riverford Organic Veg are sponsoring us and providing the veg we’ll be transforming into sauerkraut and we’ll be working closely with them to shout out about their wonderful veg and show people how they can transform them into this everyday miracle of fermentation.

#krautmein - You can come and talk to me and Jo about helping at Sauerkrautathon, at River Cottage Spring Festival at River Cottage, Axminster, on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 May.

Joanie Gorman