Sauerkrautathon 2018 is a collaborative Guinness World Record attempt to make the largest fermented dish of sauerkraut.

Wells Food Festival • Sunday 14 October 2018 • 10am-4pm


Why a Sauerkrautathon?

Because sauerkraut is cheap and easy to make, it tastes delicious and it supports gut health – which is crucial to our all-round health.

The ‘Kraut Report

It has been a busy but exciting few weeks on the Sauerkrautathon front. Here’s what has been happening:

Guinness World Records has confirmed that our event will be a World Record Attempt to make the largest dish of bacterially fermented sauerkraut.

Katie timed leaving for a well-earned holiday in Canada with the same day the Beast FromThe East dumped a large volume of snow on the South West. She managed to get out somehow. I presume she remembered to remove the shovel from her suitcase.

Jo had to dust off her lawyer skills to wade through the extensive Guinness terms and conditions that must be satisfied in order to maximise the chances that our attempt is successful. This includes finding an independent assessor qualified in weights and measures (is there anyone out there?!). And ensuring we have a continuous time lapse recording of the ENTIRE week the sauerkraut sits in its vats fermenting between the event itself and the weigh-in. That is certainly going to make thrilling television.

With the generous help of CM Design, we now have a logo. I love red cabbage ‘kraut and Katie is more of a green cabbage person, so the logo had to involve both.

JIG Creative has very kindly sorted us out with our website – thank you Joanie

Jacinth Latta has bravely agreed to be our photographer. Our photo shoot for media and social media images will take place on Monday 26 March. Our wonderful sponsor, Riverford, is trying to locate its vegetable suits in time. Katie has bagsied the carrot one. We don’t actually know what others they have yet. I am just imagining myself dressed up as a sprout.

Deborah Pottinger has been sorting out our aprons for us. We can’t resist printing some strategically placed cabbages on them as well as the logo. Of course, my “cabbages” will be red and Katie’s will be green…….

If you would like to be involved or you would like to support the Sauerkrautathon in some way, please get in touch through our new website