Who’s Got the Fermenting Bug in the Archers?


BBC Radio 4’s long running daily drama, The Archers, is on-trend with a new storyline about fermented foods. When I say I will never forgive Tom Archer, veg-box man, for jilting Kirstie you will gather that I’m a bit of an Archers fan.

I sat on the kitchen floor while my Granny Pixie washed-up and tuned in in the sixties and I listened compulsively, pinned to the sofa breast-feeding in the eighties. Everyone else in my family has grown-up to hate the Archers – the first bars of the theme tune invoke mutiny in the car or kitchen. So you can imagine my excitement when the phone goes (yes, a good old fashioned telephone call, very Archers) and its Archers’ main-man Graham Harvey, Agricultural Story Editor since forever, and he’s asking me about fermentation.

Graham lives in Somerset and had popped into the wonderful Toucan Whole Foods shop in Minehead for a bit of Kefir research and Sally the owner who’d been on one of my classes gave him my number. Any more info is strictly top secret. You’ll just have to listen to find out what Tom Archer does with a bit of fermenting know-how – after the news at 2pm or 7pm daily or catch the Sunday Omnibus at 10am – or download the podcast as they say.