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Sourdough Sharing and Troubleshooting Workshop with Fleur Hoyle

Sun on loaves

£35 - We keep in touch with many of our class participants and we love seeing their baking successes. We’re also often asked to put people back on track when things don’t work - with tips and suggestions. This half day workshop keeps us connected to our community of home bakers and gives me an opportunity to share what I’m learning and developing in my work with local farmers growing UK heritage grain. 

The focus in this workshop is flour is flavour and how to get the most from your loaves. You will be able to talk to other home bakers, sharing triumphs and failures and work together to iron out problems and develop your baking techniques.

I will encourage you to bring a loaf and sourdough starter (if you've had problems) and we will taste a range of breads, different flours and starters. 

We will mill some grain from this years harvest and talk about how to use UK wheat and freshly milled flour. There will also be the opportunity to buy flour.

Anyone who is baking sourdough is welcome on this workshop whether you've baked one loaf or 1000. We will be based in the Paradise room and have a light lunch (with plenty of bread!) before finishing.

Refreshments and light lunch included.